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Dubuque Chiropractors "Once you go to a Chiropractor..."

Dubuque Chiropractors "Once you go to a Chiropractor..."



Dubuque Chiropractor

In this video Dubuque Chiropractors Dr. Jack D Hinderman and Dr. Jenny Leist address the common limiting belief that once you go to a chiropractor you always have to go. They also share why they check kids so young.


Dubuque Chiropractor Dr. Jack Hinderman specializes in pediatric development and adult health. Through specific spinal adjustments to correct the subluxation (nerve disturbance in the spine), we have seen positive changes with many health challenges such as ear infections, colic, ADHD, spectrum disorders, digestive issues, reproductive issues, allergies, sinus issues, asthma, concentration problems, anxiety, fatigue, bed wetting, and pain.

Our nervous system's job it to allow our body to adapt to the way we live our lives. Dr. Jack Hinderman's job is to detect areas of nerve disturbance utilizing the most up to date technology in chiropractic Rolling Thermal, sEMG, Heart Rate Variability, Posture and x-ray exams and correct that disturbance with a specific adjustment allowing for optimal expression of life.

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