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Guiding the sapling as it grows


In this video Dubuque Chiropractors Dr. Jack D Hinderman & Dr. Jenny Leist once again tell us about the opportunity of our Share the Love special and visit about healthy growth in children. What happens to a sapling if it isn't supported while it's growing? Can you straighten out a full grown tree trunk? Watch the video & share it with your friends & loved ones.




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Why Am I A Chiropractor?

I have been asked this question throughout my entire career, and I always seemed to have an extremely thorough response:

Sometimes I would focus on the Central Nervous System and how this is the master controller of your entire body.

Sometimes I would talk about the above, down, and inside out philosophy when it comes to your health.

Sometimes I would introduce how the body is a self-healing and self-regulating organism.

All of these responses seemed to capture the essence of why I am a Chiropractor, but then I started thinking…

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